Paraty is known for its good restaurants, cachaça traditions and rich culinary influenced by the Portuguese and local natives, reinvented by the local chefs, as an additional attraction to the city.

It was not by chance that in 2018, Paraty received the Unesco Creative Cities of Gastronomy seal.

Homemade pastries sold from the corners to sophisticated restaurants, one of the most delicious experiences is to savor the surprises of every menu. Bon appetite!


Focused in regional seafood, parrilla and NCEP (Non-conventional edible plants), Pupu’s is already a reference for good gastronomy in the city of Paraty and will soon be incorporated into our structure to bring guests and visitors an unparalleled experience.

Apothekario Pool

Our pool bar offers a menu for all tastes, with delicious snacks and sandwiches for those who want to have a meal at the pool. To drink, a variety of fruit juices, coconut water, wines, sparkling wines, beer menu and special cocktails.

Be sure to try our “Jorge Amado”, prepared with local cachaça. Our staff will be delighted to tell you more about this typical drink of the city.

Open daily from 12pm to 10pm


Inside the hotel we also have the most famous ice cream parlor in town.  Miracolo was established in 1999, at the Praça da Matriz, and has been a hit ever since its launch. 

In 2018, the partnership between Italian Roberto Belia, the creator of the ice creams, and Sandi Adamiu, owner of the hotel, led to a complete modernization of the gelato parlor, which was moved inside the Sandi Hotel. Our guests are all invited to try out a welcome gelato.

Open daily from 11am to 10pm